Time is the most precious gift we can give you. You Won’t Believe How Incredibly Smart and fast is making Ravioli with Raviolina. It saves you lot of time!


Thanks to its small size, RAVIOLINA can be placed anywhere in the kitchen! either a working tool or gift idea, what matter is that the result is always PERFECT!


The Italian invention for the domestic production of Ravioli: simple, functional and patented!


With the New Raviolina, you can make hundreds of ravioli at Home in few minutes and without waste of dough, is suitable to those who for the first time wants to make ravioli at home, both to those who do it professionally.


CHANGE THE WAY YOU MAKE RAVIOLI! The new manual Ravioli maker….to make hundreds of ravioli with ease in few minutes! Save time and have fun in the kitchen! SIMPLY POWERFUL

  • Italian invention,.. international patent

  • No waste, no mess, easy to wash

  • It takes up little space in the kitchen

  • Made of robust material for alimentary use

  • Order it now!
    • “This is the best ravioli making product I have used! Forget everything you know about ”ravioli machines” currently on the market. This is truly a revolutionary product, well built that it’s very easy to use! The filling/pasta ratio is great! I have the water boiling as we speak, ready for the 1st batch.”

      Traduzione: Questo è il miglior sistema per fare i ravioli che io abbia usato! Dimenticate tutto quello che sapete sulle “macchine per ravioli” attualmente sul mercato. Questo è veramente un prodotto rivoluzionario, ben costruito che è molto facile da usare! Il rapporto di ripieno/pasta è fantastico! Ho l’acqua bollente mentre parliamo, pronta per cuocere la prima porzione.”     
      (Cristian, Facebook)
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    How it works

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